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lazy day...

it's a lazy saturday... i have my two nickel creek cd's and one of the wonderful mixed ones that pasquinade sent me in my cd changer and the 'random' button hit. makes for a very happy start to a day.

nevermind i've been up for four hours. i'm a slow starter, kay?

thanks so much to lines and aubreymcfate for the wonderful cards and the beautiful sentiments written therein. you are both wonderful people, and i'm glad that i met you.

on the schedule for today? well, after i am done inhaling my burned toast, and downing my old mocha coffee, i'm planning on taking more steps to get caught up on daily things that i neglect during the week, i.e. dishes. *shudder* and that laundry thing i keep hearing about. geez. i'm ON it, i'm ON it!!

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