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I made it four hours into my shift before feeling as if I would pass out or vomit, or pass out and then vomit. Walked up to Kirk and said, "I never say these words, so you should realize how severe it is for me to say this - I think I need to go home sick." I've called in only one other day since the beginning of the year, and I think a total of two days in the last 365. I have a six a.m. shift tomorrow, so I'm hoping that I'll feel human enough for that, as I won't have anyone in that could cover for me until noon.

I may just take a sleeping pill and try to sleep solidly through when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning.

I also love Love LOVE it when a man holds open a door to let a hot chick through and then lets it close in my face. Aaaah, the day in the life of an aging chubby chick. Maybe I should change the title of my journal to that.

Maybe I should post more, too.


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Jul. 11th, 2009 04:57 am (UTC)
(hug) I hope you feel better!! Too much stuff going around this time of the year. Doesn't it know it's summer, not winter?
Jul. 11th, 2009 01:33 pm (UTC)
Well take care of yourself I hate summer colds well colds in general but summer colds always make me fell like I'm going to die and I end up going to the ER more for them. I try and lie to myself that I am keeping well by drinking vitamin water because I probably don't get a good shot of vitamins otherwise.

Yes you should post more so I can read more. Also who says you aren't a hot chick ;)
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