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Day 234893298 of The Great PNW Heat Wave. I'm dyin' here. 'Twas 107 today, 106 yesterday, 103 the day before. Yes, yes, this is nothing to some of you, but consider that 95% of the people that live here do not have air conditioning, 50% do not own fans.... Yup, quite sucky. The news reported earlier that Portland was hotter today than Las Vegas OR Phoenix. SO NEEDS TO LEAVE.

Evenings have been horrid, too, and haven't cooled off much at all, which is turning everyone around here into a bunch of zombies. Our brains have been poached in their own liquids, we've sweat enough to fill the Grand Canyon, we're all working on about 4 hours of sleep total in two or three nights COMBINED. I've decided that I'm going to take my box fan upstairs and have it and my bedside fan tag team me whilst I [try to] innocently slumber.

In unrelated news, I feel that Kayla, Melissa, Brandon, and Evan should be The Mighty Four.

I would add more here, except I have the thinking capacity of a walnut.
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