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*wipes the sleep from her eyes to start the day.. hours after she gets up*

why is it so freaking hard to get motivated when you want/need to accomplish something?!? i have a Christmas party to go to today, it isnt' very far away, and i want to show up, because i have a feeling a lot of the people that said they would show won't, but it's a drinking party, and what do i have in common with these people, really?!?

i watched Swordfish this morning. great flick, truly. i would kiss hugh jackman repeatedly, i would! why, when it first came out, did i think it was ed norton that played the main part?!? i obviously wasn't paying attention, cuz i've been a jackman fan for a long while. *shrug*

but to see him all grungy, wrapped in a.. thing... and shirtless? *le sigh*

oh, for any msties out there, i downloaded a playstation make fun thing with mike and the bots. it isn't very long, the part where they're making fun of ps games, and it's fairly annoying in parts, but half of it is the credits, and they show TONS of behind the scenes stuff, with corbett, murphy, and mike hanging out, writing lines, what it REALLY looks like when they're sitting in front of the screen (i had always wondered.)

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