Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Why do some cats put their toys in their water or food dish?

Cats look upon their food area as part of their territory, and that particular area of their territory usually doesn't change from day to day - so the cats are likely putting their favorite toys away in a "safe" place. Some cats will consistently put away their toys when they're through playing with them - you might try putting your cat's toys in a small basket near one of his favorite spots and see if he will put them away on his own.


I've noticed lately that Bacci, although she has many toys, insists on using only ONE of them - what was originally a little foam cushy ball that was half pink and half purple... but is now half blackish purple and half greyish pink. I've especially noticed lately that whenever I get up in the morning, the ball is in her food dish. Sometime during the day, she brings that specific ball downstairs and give it to me. Half the time, she's greatly pleased that I throw it for her; others, she seems offended that I threw away her "gift". I always walk past it in the evening on my way to bed - on the downstairs living room floor.

I always wondered why she did this. I had all sorts of imaginings that she thought it was her little friend and wanted to "feed" it, or wanted it to taste like her food. Nope, she's just good at cleaning up after herself ;)


I've accomplished extremely little during my unemployment, though I did finally get through all of season two of Lost, and a coupla eps into season three. I've also seen seasons one and two of Primeval, season three of Heroes, season one of The Tudors, season one of Dexter....


Had a loverly migraine today, and my tummy is currently upset. Methinks I shall take a shower and go to bed.

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