Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I've been spending the day going through things in my bedroom and am amazed at some of the stuff I'm finding. I've been using it only as a storage and sleeping area, you see, for years. There's nothing even remotely interesting to do in there, so I've had very little pull to go through the stuff and get rid of what I'm never going to use. I came across an mp3 player I've never used, two-way radios never opened, a cassette recorder. My favorite, though, was a 1988 Garfield calendar, with detailed notes on different days throughout the year by my 13 year old self.

I forgot how MASSIVELY obsessed I was with Def Leppard at the time, and the majority of the entries involve silly stuff about them - the band members' birthdays, when I heard one of their songs for the first time on the radio, when they had world premier videos or interviews on Mtv. (There is also several entries about INXS, though not nearly as many as DL, as my obsession of them was waning in favor of the Brits.) What cracked me up most, though, was notations about when I met who would be my best friends throughout high school, the date of having my first "boyfriend", and days I skipped school. I also had notations of our struggle as a family, such as the dates we stayed in homeless shelters and hotels, and when we had utilities turned on (about a month after moving into a house). I also loved the notations on my mother's birthday (38!) and my brother's (8!).

Have been watching Season 3 of Sliders, which is ... oh so silly nowadays. I keep trying to keep my logical brain from interfering and ruining the cheesy storylines - how hard to believe, for example, that the four peeps were able to survive a giant hunting game over people who had trained for The Game their entire lives - although the Professor is old, out of shape, and - for that epsiode - blind. Also watched the entire live action series of The Tick, which was cheesy fun.

Hooray for Netflix via XBox.

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