Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

All registered for classes.

Everything is suuuuper filled at the moment, but I managed to get three classes lined up, which would put me at school between 1 pm and 730 pm, only on Monday and Wednesday.

Intro to Sociology (101) - Mattox
English Comp II (102) - Bisbee
Health Chemistry (050) - Staff - a class I had previously failed, only because I never showed up (I think I went to about five classes all summer). There was also a craptastic teacher at the time who didn't care (she had one summer course left to teach before she went to get a real job at a real university) and was constantly corrected by students as she gave out the wrong info. I'm sure that if I had shown up, I could have done it quite fine, though. SHAME ON ME.

Total for books and tuition will run me about $1300...

I printed out the form for the training benefits through the unemployment office - six pages, yo. Not sure how long it would take to get approved for it, so I guess I should get me arse in gear and get it filled out and take it back to the WorkSource office.

Super tired from waking up early two days in a row after staying up waaaay too entirely late. Methinks I'll try to caffeinate myself, though, and try to stay awake so that I can try to get my sleeping schedule closer to that of the living.
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