Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

All to keep your hands healthy

Mom called from the Salmon Creek hospital last night, barely able to talk. She's been hospitalized for pneumonia, sent there because SouthWest wasn't taking any new patients. This will be the second birthday in a row she's been hospitalized - though I'll take this over the situation last year any day.

Will be leaving the house shortly to bus it over to Worksource to toss in my application for Training Benefits. Any idea how long something like that takes to get approved? I'll ask when I make it down there. Still paranoid beyond belief that I didn't do my job log correctly or in-depth enough, but I'm freaky like that.

Bacci's favorite game EVUR is to have me lob a treat across the room so that she can fiercely chase after it, "kill" it, and eat it. I hated giving her treats, as it seems like so many of them are filled with crap, so I stopped playing The Game once I ran out. Three or so weeks went by, during which time she drove me nuts by climbing on the arm of my chair and knocking things off of my desk, one at a time. I finally caved, took an old treat bottle, emptied out the remnants, and filled it with her uber healthy cat food. I came downstairs, shook the bottle, and picked one out to toss.

I seriously thought she was going to have a coronary, she was SO EXCITED. Massive twitching, mowr-ing, chittering, and quacking. It almost looked as if she was having a seizure of joy. The roommates think that it's quite grand that I fooled her into thinking her regular food is ZOMG DELICIOUS TREAT. (This is what I feed her and is the only thing she eats. In the entire 5.5 years I've had her, she's only eaten one peanut, one cashew, and a few licks of yogurt otherwise. Well, those and plastic or curling ribbon.)

Was sorta wanting to go out for karaoke or some silly stuff on Saturday in celebration for being HALFWAY TO SEVENTY, but have received little interest in it. I'm not even certain I'M interested in it.

I so need to get off me arse and get ready to go outside and do stuff I need to do!!!

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