Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Tuition has officially been paid.


Will be heading out shortly to finally go pee in a cup for my return to work. I know that I'll be happy once it's all over, but eesh. It's not that I'm scared about the results, I'm just hating the six hours it will take me to do it. I noticed this morning that it's a different collection center than I had to go to before, so maybe it won't be AS bad. Plus, it'll be good to get out of the house and to get to Portland for once.

I'm relying on YOU, weather.com, for reliable information that it will NOT rain again today.

I haven't quite left yet, needing to putter around a bit so that I don't show up during their lunch. I shall instead watch Neil Patrick Harris on Regis & Kelly.

I tried to file my unemployment stuff for the week and noticed that it no longer gave me the option to online. WTF? After overcoming Phone Fear, I called and discovered that I sorta forgot to file last week. Um, woops? I could have sworn I did... They let me file for both weeks over the phone.

My eyes and eyebrows will not stop twitching and it's driving me MAD!!!

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