Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Sadness for having to leave the house today. I don't know why it feels as if my last full week of freedom needs to be spent in my pajamas watching crap tv, but there ya go. I have to go into OMax to sign papers allowing them to do my background check and need new work pants. Pleh.

I'm drinking coffee out of my new recycled clay mug I bought from Starbucks. A friend gave me a $20 gift card ages ago and I just got around to spending it. I had wanted to spend it on something.. concrete.. instead of coffee that's gone after one use. It's made in Japan and says REINVENT on the front. Not bucket-size, like I usually drink my coffee in, but it still holds liquid. ^.^ Also, I'm operating on a theory, you see, that I somehow get free Starbucks for the rest of my life. I've received gift cards from friends and from vendors at work, as well as one from my dentist for making an appointment with them. Several times that I've paid with a gift card, Something Has Happened and they give me a certificate for a free drink of my choice. Even when I went to purchase the mug and a vanilla bean creme' frapp, I only got charged for the mug (a friend of a friend was working, you see... I didn't realize it had been comped until I got home.), effectively leaving enough on the gift card for two to three more beverages.

In other news, I came across a couple of old spiral notebooks yesterday. One was used when I worked for the travel-like agency. Each single line was dedicated to a name, number, and reason for each message I received on my phone. I would go through and highlight them after I called them back. This was a five subject notebook and one and one half sections were COMPLETELY filled. Holy, that's a lotta people. The backmost section was filled with sales I made and the profit off of each one so that I may track my commission and ensure I was getting what I was supposed to.

Another notebook was a little single subject one and was titled "Things That Come to Mind". Inside, I found all sorts of scribblings and lyrics and chords to unfinished songs. I read through them and ... not really anything I could ever use. There was a couple that were promising, should I ever pick up a guitar and start composing again. Overall, almost every lyric I wrote was extremely depressing and was about inner demons and the need to flee, to escape. Written circa 2002, one of thee hardest years of my life, it's no wonder. I'm just glad that I powered through that time and that it didn't end as badly as it could have.

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