Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

I'm getting her back to bed.

Almost 1 pm and here I sit, still in my pajamas.

Oh so much to do today.

Monday was the first day of school. I hiked to the campus in the sideways rain and figured I had everything under control... until I couldn't figure out where my first class was. Campus greeters, complete with penguin stickers on both cheeks and a Red Flyer overflowing with snacks in tow, stopped to help.

Turns out I magically scheduled three classes at three different colleges.

Yes, yes, this takes a special kind of genius to accomplish, but there you go. This may not have been TOO much of an issue, had I a car and/or a magical transporter, but being a pedestrian? Nope. I really screwed the pooch on THAT one.

After humiliating-ly crying in front of the helpers (I'm not a cryer by any means and absolutely abhor showing emotion, especially to that extreme), I got in line to speak to an adviser. The one class I actually have at that campus is only four credits, so I need at least one more credit to be able to apply for financial aid next quarter. She waitlisted me for a 4 pm yoga class and sent me on my way.

Now. I'm a socially awkward person. VERY awkward. I had forgotten this fact in the 2.5 months I just spent on my rump in my livingroom, only coming in contact with online peeps, the roommates, Andrea, and Lyssandra. The next coupla hours was spent in massive inner panic as I tried to figure out where to go, what to wear, where to change my clothes. Turns out that a massive fear of Mob Mentality does not go away, even in your 30s. Apparently, I'm a bit more traumatized from the popular kids in middle school than I had originally thought. Things have a way of working out though, and heart failure was not had.

To make a long story short (TOO LATE!) I won't know until after today's yoga class if I've cleared the waitlist or not. If I don't clear it, I'm thinking of dropping chem and just waiting until summer quarter to take at least five credits.

I need to get off me arse and head down there soon. I have many books to return and classes to drop and an i.d./bus pass to get.

Oh, and I start work on Monday at 6 am, back at good ol' OfficeMax.

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