Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

In WoW news....

Trent, aka Palidiness, was a good man. Trent was a Gulf War veteran who had suffered strokes long ago, but continued to play and to be a constant and positive member of the guild. His communication wasn't always the greatest and he wasn't always the swiftest to respond, but EVERY SINGLE TIME anyone logged in, he would greet them with a mighty hello. He always played with enthusiasm and with a positive outlook.

There are two memories that keep popping into my head the most: One night of Scholomance-ing with the guild in order to get him his epic paladin mount - two stinking months before you could magically learn it from a trainer. One night with just him and me slaughtering a tower of evildoers in order for his baby rogue, Shadowlift, to complete a quest.

I wasn't able to be there for the guild's memorial service. I greatly thank idioscosmos for going to great lengths to contact me to inform me of Trent's passing and of the planned get together. I did log in, however, and headed over to that tower and slaughtered a great many of those baddies in Trent's honor.

Not much you can really do in game.

Thank you, Trent, for providing us all with a great constant warmth in your greetings.

You will be greatly missed.
Tags: death, warcraft, wow

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