Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Favorite happenings from today:

Aimee: Last night, I dreamed I woke up late for work!
Me: Last night, I dreamed that I found a BEAUTIFUL AMAZING SHINY BLACK HORSE, and I had to kill it to complete a quest, and I spent the rest of the dream feeling soooo much remorse for killing such a wonderful creature, who turned out to be a goddess priestess lady, but then at the end I rememberd that I could rez her.
Aimee: .... okay, you win.
Me: *grin*
Aimee: ... you really need to lay off the video games.
Me: Yes. Yes, I do.

*in receiving looking at a box filled with a bunch of Office 2010 in various flavors*
Me: Oooh, pretty!
Kirk: Don't touch!
Me: *picks up a box of Publisher 2010*
Kirk: *walks over with a giant box filled with routers, hard drives, and other electronic freight. Looks pointedly down at my hand holding Publisher. Drops the box on top of my arm, trapping my hand painfully in the box*
Me: OW!
Kirk: I told you not to touch.

Me: I told you that I have to have a kid and have the middle name be Spaghetti, right?
Jen: YES.

I need to write a paper for my yoga final, due on Wednesday. I, of course, am waiting until tomorrow night to do the paper.

Chem felt like a giant waste of time and space today. Went briefly over concepts that Chem Partner Jen and I (and 3/4 of the class) had grasped long ago (balancing various chemical reactions), introduced one new thing (limiting reactants) that took all of five minutes to understand, and stretched both things out into a full two hour class. It was amusing, however, to see one girl shouting out answers to every single question the teacher asked and begging to come up to write her answers on the board for extra credit. "IT'S REALLY QUITE SIMPLE!!! LET ME WRITE IT FOR YOU!" Professor Joseph was quite irritated by the end of class and ended almost every tiny sentence with "I want you to WRITE IT DOWN AND NOT SAY IT OUT LOUD."

Could not stay awake at all today - even after three giant mugs of [pardon as I stop briefly here to help a hacking cat] coffee, a diet coke, an iced mocha, and a giant energy drink, my eyes were sailing at half mast and I tripped

... That was bizarre. My keyboard magically quit halfway through that sentence and wouldn't work until I rebooted. The sentence WAS going to say "I tripped over nothing several times because I was too sleepy to lift my feet properly."


Going to bed.

But not before directing Doctor Who fans to come chat at me under this post.
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