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Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

The Old Spice Guy in Portland?!?

I'm finding that chemistry is beyond fascinating. Today in lab, I got to melt copper in acid, pour water in it to make a beautiful aqua liquid, add another acid to make it smurf blue, boil it until a solid separated from it, add zinc to cause a fantastic release of hydrogen, and ended up with clear liquid and - ta da - copper chunks. Chemical reactions are fun, yo. Learning all about nuclear radiation is fascinating, too. I'm beginning to consider taking the next level up of chemistry, just for shits and giggles.

Received my copy of Office Professional 2010 in the mail today - all mine for just $15 since I'm an employee of OfficeMax.

In other work news, starting on Saturday, we start selling Sprint phones and plans. We only had to rearrange half the store to accommodate the things (thank you again, Kirk and Cassie, for your help) so I'm assuming it's worth it.

In watching a preview for Salt, I'm immediately skeptical on the reality of it after watching her dye her hair black - you NEVER get that smooth of a coverage with one box!!!

Still need to watch the last two episodes of Season Five of Doctor Who. Mebbe I'll do that this weekend. It's kinda nice knowing that there's still two more episodes out there I haven't seen, and sad that there won't be any new ones until December.


Sleeping like a brick lately and having SUCH vivid dreams. Dreams of attending fantastic parties and moving giant plaster blue suns from one room to another and knocking things over, of magical color changing hair.

I'm beginning to really miss driving.
Tags: chemistry, doctor who, dreams, school, work

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