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what can i say.... that hasn't been said before...

problem # 27394279 of being in sales too long: the massive amounts of training on empathizing with the client, forces me to use 'i understand..' and 'i can see why you would feeeeeel...' in most of my conversations.

it also has the following effect:

- instead of calling it 'rush hour', i call it 'peak season' or 'wave season'.
- instead of asking how much a thing costs, i ask what the 'rates' are for it, or how much my 'investment' will be, even if it's for a freaking candy bar.
- i end all my conversations with an airline stewardess 'thanks! bye bye!'
- instead of saying 'sure' or 'yes', i say things like 'certainly!' and 'i would be HAPPY to!'
- i use the words 'excellent' and 'wonderful' entirely too much.
- i use the word 'availability' when talking about parking spaces.

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