Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

A week point five after going virtually gluten free. The ... issues.. I was having have COMPLETELY cleared up and I feel better than I have in FOREVER. I had a salad last night with some Asian dressing that contained wheat and instantly blew up like a bloated balloon.

An excellent side effect of this is that I lost 10 lbs.

Working on packing, which causes me to hate myself for not starting earlier. I also greatly hate my allergies - being allergic to dust and moving stuff that hasn't been touched in years isn't very helpful. I had to take Benedryl earlier to keep the lungs from itching and the nose from running. I now wish greatly that I could just do a faceplant on my pillow; however, I had decided earlier that today would be the PERFECT day to do a crap ton of laundry, including all my bedding. My GIR comforter is still in the dryer and will probably need another partial go through since it's thick and fluffy.

I shall head upstairs and start going through some more stuff. I look forward to some of the stuff being moved over. Until then, it just feels as if we're shuffling stuff from one corner to another. Welp, I guess that's EXACTLY what we're doing, since none of it has left.

Benedryl hurts the brain, yo.
Tags: allergies, fitness, gluten, health, moving

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