Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

The hair pictures you requested...

Sorry for the awkward angle in the first one: our medicine cabinet isn't installed in the bathroom yet and I was trying to utilize the mirror anyway ;) Yes, yes, it's sort of MySpacey posed, too, but... *shrug*

I'm a sleepy baby.

School is going well so far, if a bit hectic. I keep feeling as if I'm forgetting to do super important stuff, but can't figure out for the life of me what those stuffses are. Excited to be back in yoga and with a wonderful instructor that teaches the inner workings of yoga, instead of just the work out portions of it. My human bio teacher is adorable beyond words and looks greatly like a sane Bjork. Spanish seems to be sinking in faster than expected, which I also credit greatly to el profesor.

The house is coming along, but I am SOOOOOOOOOOO very sick of painting. No wonder no one answered my summons for assistance - I wouldn't wish this on an enemy! We've been in the house for 1.5 weeks now and we are still living out of just a coupla boxes.

The boys are currently in Hawaii.

Much more I could add, but sheesh, I need to get to bed.

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