Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Being blessed.

Even with Thanksgiving looming, I hadn't thought of thankfulness that much lately, until my yoga class on Monday. The instructor talked at length about thankfulness in a variety of ways and told us to think about things during our practice and meditation that maybe surprised or inspired us today.

Funny that putting "thankful" into two other words (which sounded random to me at the time) helped to truly open my heart to realizing all the good that I have around me. Just thinking of those two words, though, somehow helps to center my being and open myself up to the good around me.

Although I've been going through a decidedly rough patch, I'm very blessed. I have the best roommates anyone could wish for (brosely and stanieldaniel) and we have this wonderful and beautiful new house. (Well, new to us.) I live in a country that will allow me to get a further education and not be ridiculed or discriminated because I have a vagina. I has smarts. I live in an environment where I can feel safe and secure. (Most days) I am warm. I have a cat with the hugest personality. I'm gainfully employed at a job that is willing to work around my school schedule and where I adore my coworkers. (Most days.)

The injury to my back and hips made me beyond thankful that I can walk, stand, bend, twist, and shimmy, and that I still have all of my limbs and phalanges. The severity of my mother's illness has caused me to realize that it's important to listen to those around you and soak up those stories, important to appreciate those that you have in your life before it's too late.

Thank YOU.
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