Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Slept like poop. Bacci insisted on being on me at all times, somewhere in the groin area. I normally like this, but I felt trapped as if I couldn't roll over easily. The smoke alarm battery was dying, so it was chirping merrily along this morning. (I was too lazy to budge to fix it, as I'm not tall enough and was too lazy to maneuver a chair.) Traveled over an hour to school to wait outside until 15 minutes after the class was supposed to start, when the collective students decided to leave. Bought my scrubs for nursing school! :D I think I need a lab coat, too, but am uncertain, so I shall wait for further instruction...

Finally got back to the mall around 10:30, which is when I discovered that movies at Cinetopia start at about 10 am... so I watched The Dark Knight Rises. Greatly enjoyed it, but was highly irritated by two things:

1. My full bladder.
2. The fact that I read ALL the spoilers on freaking 4chan's FB.

Ate chicken.
Came home.
Received the delivery of my new desk chair, which I need to put together. I abhorred spending $100 on a new one when I need to not spend money, but my old cheap chair is displaying it's oldness and cheapness by absolutely killing my tail bone if I sit in it for more than 15 minutes, which causes great pain for sitting on everything else for a day or two. My coccyx needs to be taken better care of, yo.

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