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now i see the long and short, the middle,and what's in between..

so, i wake up this morning, early. i make some coffee, to jump start my heart before i drag myself in here. i take a bubble bath. i watch Family Ties (depressing ep, btw.).

i leave a bit late, i worry (remember, if i'm late oooooone more time, between now and mid january, i'm fired.).

- i listen to happy music en route.
- i get her exactly on time.
- i come in and find that my profit has moved up, so i'm not on the bottom rung out of 12 people anymore (now, i'm number nine! wooow. ooh. but, hey, it's improvement...)
- the girl that blocked me at the time clock yesterday and almost made me late, was late today.
- i'm in a peachy good mood. i feel like...like i either inhaled a factory full of chocolate, without the upset tummy, or like..

you know what? maybe it was because instead of purposefully setting my alarm early, so that i could hit it a million times before actually waking up, i set it LATER, so that i could get that much more uninterrupted slumber?

geez! i'll have to try this more often!

oh, and in the mail yesterday, was a beautifully hand-made long long ago card from kittytreats, as well as a WONDERMOUS Christmas present and card from my brother, brosely! believe it or not, it was A JELLYFISH SINGLE FOR "THAT IS WHY (edit)" AND TWO MORE SONGS! i didn't know those things were even in circulation any more! i love it, jess! thank you sooooooooooooo much!

and from the day before, thanks raisin for your beautifully hand made card, as well as annoyingpixie! all are now sitting on my desk! and amy? a coworker checked it out yesterday and was all "sooooooo, what does she mean, "TALK TO THAT BOY"?) I answered with a lot of stammering and sidestepping ;)

haven't seen him, btw. *shrug* whatever will be, will be.

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