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dinking around online found me this:

for only $59.95, you can get all the background information on ANYONE. This is what sixty smackaroos gives you:

-Location specialist performs your search to ensure the best possible results
-Current Address and up to 10 year history
& available listed phone numbers
-Relatives, roommates and neighbors
-Bankruptcies, Tax liens, Small Claims Civil Judgments *
-Marriage and Divorces *
-Real property ownership and value *
-Full name and possible aliases

as well as bonus features, such as:

• Possible aliases
• CA, TX, NV marriages and TX, NV divorce records *
• Deceased search
• Bankruptcies
• Tax liens *
• Small Claims Civil Judgments *
• FAA pilot licenses
• FAA aircraft registration
• USCG documented vessels
• DEA controlled substances

ironically, the last current address THAT company has on me is in Van Buren, Missouri, and say that i've never resided in arizona.


amazing, since i've been here 7 1/2 years, 4 1/2 of those years at the same address, and lived in missouri for only a month and a half.

still. frightening prospect.

now, i'm off to bed.

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