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to pick up where i left the story, i lost her in a crowd...

it's fairly difficult to walk with pose and dignity, when you are wearing pigtails. even if you ARE dressed like a wall street mogul otherwise.

today is my department's Christmas Shindig, where everyone will bring fudge and cookies and cake and we'll exchange our Secret Santa gifts (although freaking Said already told me who got me, which irritates the crap out of me.) which reminds me. i need the gift. anyhoot, they said they have this magical 'priiiiiiiiiiiize' for whoever is dressed the most festive.

so i wore my hair in pigtails. i also wore no make up, so that my thick nerdy glasses would add to the 'geeky' effect. i feel like i resemble the nerds depicted so strongly in all those 80's films. i took blue tinsel, and wrapped it around the strap on my mary jane heels. i have antlers. joyous, largish, antlers, that i didn't know i had. i danced with glee, i did. and a santa hat. and i brought the leopard print stocking that nutty gave me so long ago and hung it in my pod.

it's a VIP day, too, so we're required to dress in business attire. so other than my geeky Christmassy junk, i'm donned in a red VEEEELLLLLVET turtleneck, black blazer, long, slinky skirt, black tights, and mary jane heels.

i AM geek personified.

i couldn't find my camera, though. *frown*

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