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She arrived today with three others.

Written in response to this article, where Mike Rowe tells people to stop following their passions... sometimes.

Nursing was never my passion. While growing up, I never ever told anyone I wanted to be a nurse or even wanted to be anything remotely related to the medical field. I chose nursing because it fit a list of criteria that I wanted in a job: to not have to worry about what I would wear every day (scrubs), to not be stuck behind a desk, to work with people, and to have job security with a larger paycheck than what I was making in retail.

I worked through my prerequisites in a robotic fashion. In order to be accepted to the nursing program, I needed to complete A, B, and C, so I did. I started nursing school and still felt zero passion for my chosen career.

It was only during my second year of nursing school, when I started to get elbow deep (sometimes literally) into what it would be like in the nursing profession, that I started to become passionate about helping others through their most stressful situations. By the time I graduated, I was shocked to discover that this not only carried over into nursing itself, but into helping the future nurses behind me. I became ecstatic to witness people succeeding, whether it was with healing (patient) or paper writing (student). Through it all, I found myself speaking publicly, whether it was to a large group of students or faculty. This is something that I never would have imagined being even remotely comfortable with two years ago.

If I was following what had been my passion for so many decades, I would still be working hard to be a rock star, though I have little to no music capability, other than instrument dabbling and hitting notes with my voice. It was hard to come to terms with the fact that I was much more logical and science-minded than I had artistic and creative ability.

I will leave the music making to the magicians and artists that do it so well. In the mean time, I will be perfectly happy in my little niche of the world.

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