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Dec. 22nd, 2002

my fingers hurt. as i replied to norsican's reply, having built callouses (sp?) for guitar is one thing, building new ones in slightly different places because you have to hold two strings down at once instead of just one, is something different all together. *wince*

but i am in LOVE with my mandolin. i'm thinking that if a musician, even if they play many different instruments, are meant to 'bond' with one instrument and be mostly proficient with that one, that i have found my one. unlike when i got my guitar or borrowed brosely's keyboards, where i balked about HAVING to learn it, i'm curious about this instrument. i want to play with it and learn everything i possibly can about it, and then be able to apply my new knowledge to old songs that i've written and see how i can twist and turn the melodies to create new music.

*happy sigh*

what was i saying? oh. heh.. yeah. last night, peyton, matt, and i got as far as the theatre, which, with shopping idiots, was a feat in itself, just to find out that we had to stand in line for over an hour in order to watch a 3 hour film. so, we went across the street to maggie moos to debate over ice cream. (logical choice of cuisine, seeing as it felt like it was a million degrees below absolute zero out there..) after debate, we decided to catch whatever other film was about to start, seeing as we had free passes (courtesy of the I.C.E Gallery), and had fought tooth and nail to GET there. so we watched Gangs of New York.

which is a three hour freaking film.

and gazing upon leonardo with stained, nasty teeth and greasy hair grunting about his dead father for three hours is certainly not as enticing as watching legolas prance around on screen and show his bad assness for 3 hours.

don't get me wrong, it wasn't a ... BAD.. film.. just MUCH freaking longer than it needed to be, in my opinion. at one point, pey turned to me and said 'um... is it just me... or have we been here for a week?'


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Dec. 22nd, 2002 02:33 pm (UTC)
Mmmm...legalos prancing....mmmm.....yummy....
Dec. 22nd, 2002 02:41 pm (UTC)
lol - pretty much any straight female with working eyesight's opinion, so i've heard..

i was never a leonardo fan, anyways, but last night's film was just.... seeing his mug on the huge screen with nastay ass teeth... *violent shudder*
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 25th, 2002 09:34 am (UTC)
that was my kinda opinion on the matter... *le sigh*

so you can certainly see why leo was less than stellar in comparison.
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