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knowing everyone, too, i'm surprised that no one corrected my spelling of "Geppetto" last night ;)

i made it as far as about halfway through the whale, with the FREAKY psychadelic intestinal breathing walls. *shudder*...

i would SO much rather be at home, saving the world from the comfort of my couch, than here, dealing with telephone lines.

*le sigh*

it IS quite weird, though, to see characters from so many FF games "hanging out" together. Makes me wonder, in a way, what took them so long to do a 'reunion' game. Tidus and Selphie? Aeris (sorry, AERITH) and squall (sorry, LEON)? interesting. I've also realized, due to the voice overs, that i've been mispronouncing "Tidus" and "Yuffie" this whole time. I'm also digging the version of Cloud that looks like a lovechild between him and Vincent Valentine. *cat calls*

it's also weird having Cid from VII running an Accessory Shop right next door to Hewey, Dewey, and Louie's Item Shop. Now THERE'S something i never thought i'd see.

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