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... and her AubkaBlog

Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo
19 March
"We are the musicmakers, and we are the dreamers of a dream."
- Willy Wonka

"Now you see, Lone Star, that Evil will always win.. because Good.. is dumb."
- Spaceballs

"The Nothing is what happens when people lose their fantasies and forget their dreams" - The Neverending Story

I used to be aubreystar, but now i make my home here.... aubreystar, however, is still maintained in order for me to post things involving my two main loves: writing and music. Feel free to add it and be barraged with thoughtless ramblings and stolen melodies.

My name is Aubrey.
I am a girl.
I am older than some.
I am younger than others.
I have 10 fingers, 10 toes.
I am 5'7".
I have a brother brosely.
I live with brosely and stanieldaniel.
I am single and happy to be that way.
I am a registered nurse.
I have short red hair.
I wear nerdy glasses.
I listen to nerdy music.
I used to write a somewhat cohesive music column for a gay/lesbian magazine.
I have dissected a human.
I play MMOs.
I have a healthy obsession with Final Fantasy and Doctor Who.
I have embraced my geekiness, instead of hiding it and denying it like I did when I was a teen.
I've lived just about everywhere, including Iowa, Kansas, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Virginia, Missouri, and Arizona, though I'm back in Vancouver now.
No, I was not a military brat. The majority of these moves were made solo after age 18.
No, I do not live in Canada, I live in a suburb of Portland, Oregon.
Yes, I'm in Washington.
I used to be a rocker girl, and still own many hair band albums.
My name means 'leader of the elves'.
i am me. I'm the me-est me that ever did be.

i'm also the creator/moderator for:

embarassingeek for adult embarassing situations
dreamers_online for dreams and interpretations
nickel_creek for, well.. the band
paste_and_plato for Jellyfish fans

"It's a drag when you don't touch down and it feels so far below..
When you sleep in the morning and the sun begins to show,
Plant a seed in your garden, and it will begin to grow.
Sometimes, you just need someone to believe that it's so."

- Michael Anthony Franano, 1993

belenen - aubkabob is one of my favorite people in the universe! Of course, I don't know everyone... but since I know Aubrey I don't need to! Why look further when you've found perfection? And she is pun'kin-y, glittery, candy-coated perfection.

But seriously? She's an amazing person. She's been through a lot, and has not lost her sparkle... She's endlessly evolving, growing, learning, developing into the person she was created to be. She loves deeply and excitedly; having her as a friend is such an encouragement. And she's freakinilarious! I laugh out loud so much when reading what she writes. And last but not least, she's an incredible singer and musician -- ask her to share her music. ;-)

0vary - Aubrey is the sweetest and most beautiful person I've ever met. And her body's super cuddly.

scrumbles - Aubrey is an incredible person. She has a soul full of goodness and a fascinating analytical mind. She writes and sings beautiful music and brings immense joy to the world. And let's not forget: she is the Finder of Things!

inspectorjury - This is of course an Aubrey on a stick with veggies and grilled to perfection. Well I don't know how she got to perfection but if she's not there she's on her way. She is what little girls are made of. Sugar, Spice and EVERYTHING Nice.....

jenniffer - Talking to Aubrey is like drinking those peppermint mochas that Starbucks only has during the Chrstmas holidays...just enough caffine for the pick-me-up you need, the sweetness everyone loves, and a peppermint kick of entertainment and excitement...except she's all year 'round, which is what that peppermint mocha at Starbucks lacks! Aubrey is like flannel pajamas in the middle of winter....with monkey faces on the pants. Because she keeps you feeling warm, and she has an uncanny ability to make you giggle.

operatic - A pleasure and a joy to know.

prosperouscheat - Hmmm... tastes like chicken.

talkingpotato - Aubbers is the best Elf Help book out there! She gives people such as my elf a much needed pointy ear to bend.

ohsaycanyousay - Now I know I know the real reason why the chicken crossed the road... to get to know Aubrey!

hurricane_amy - Aubrey: better than reality tv!

imnotbob - love her for her charming personality, fear her for her deadly KungFu powers! Oh yeah, and she photographs well.

ornotmajestic - Aubrey: She has better taste in music than you do, guaranteed. Oh, and if you want to update my testimonial: Aubrey is probably the only person I know that is actually better than ezra.

niggarican - if you went to the top of the mountain of kickassness, aubkabob would be there, drinking kool aid, and would shake your hand, and then laugh at you for wasting your time climbing a mountain, then she would stare into nothingness with the wind blowing her hair about, and you would go... WOW.

oh_flounder - starbucks is a whore. but aubrey isnt.

griffxx - There once was a 'silly' named Aub
Who liked to eat corn on the cob
She ate it with butter
Then sat in a gutter
And then laughed because that is her job!

idioscosmos - *que country western music*

Through your posts of Office Max and bottom sickness
Ah got a crush on you with awesome quickness
I'd comment on your posts most ever' rey daaaayy

But the world keeps turnin' with awesome quickness
And life moves on to other business
It's been a year so I expect your responses to my comments are on the way

*twang twang twang twang*

*end country music*

needfulthings - If sliced bread came after [aubkabob], we might have a different phrase to use.

brothers are the best.... most days.
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